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A Guidebook is Born

Guidebook: Integrated Approach to School-Linked Outreach

I'll admit it...I'm a control freak. Therefore, it was difficult to leave a project I birthed in the very capable hands of those who helped me nurture it. It is now, however, a full grown body of work. It's great to see it finally leave the nest!

INTEGRATED APPROACH TO SCHOOL-LINKED OUTREACH: PUTTING THE PIECES TOGETHER A culmination of lessons learned from two years of consulting, development and collaboration with partners, this guidebook offers a systemic approach to outreach work.

Many thanks to Doris Werner Higgins, my co-author, co-conspirator, colleague and friend for making this come to fruition. I know she will ensure that it lives on to help others develop highly effective outreach strategies.

Covering Kids & Families of Indiana (CKF-IN) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to advocating health coverage for all Hoosiers by creating awareness about the policies and issues impacting Hoosiers and their health care coverage. In addition, Covering Kids & Families of Indiana helps establish and operate community-based enrollment centers at health centers, schools, child care and other social service providers through the formation of local coalitions. CKF’s community-based coalitions provide outreach and enrollment into Indiana’s public health coverage programs including CHIP, Hoosier Healthwise, the Healthy Indiana Plan, and ACA Marketplace plans. For more information, visit

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