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Bloom Where You're Planted

Growth in Adversity

One might say 'there's no point, it's no use, it's impossible'- when found in an unappealing, unlikely & seemingly unsuitable position. But see what the fragile flower sees. Sure, it would probably rather thrive in a field of its own family of flowers feeling protected & comfortable, but being beautiful in its comfort zone is not the flowers' job. It is to bloom where it is planted so that others may take from it- bees, birds & small animals the nectar for food & honey- insects the leaves for nourishment & protection. To those who've lost hope it provides encouragement, for the flower has persevered through the impossible weight of the dark, heavy, cold, dry concrete surrounding itself to emerge & grow. This is not for the benefit of the flower but, instead, to all those who see the flower. In this unlikely place it is allowed to stand out & show its beauty not simply for being a flower, but for what it provides to others. One then realizes that the flower isn't fragile at all- its strength surpasses their comprehension.

#challenge #purpose #servantleadership #perseverance #growth #adversity

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