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Changing Seasons

Changing Seasons

September 22, 2012 marks the official change of season. A day when the world observes the end of summer and the beginning of fall. This date is also a very significant one for me, personally, as it signals changing seasons in my life from one opportunity to others still on the horizon. Rather than bemoan the loss of summer, I choose to relish the bounty of the harvest, and prepare the soil for new growth.

On September 21, my current full-time position at a non-profit organization ends due to lack of funding. While that news doesn’t come without some trepidation and emotion, I am grateful that the knowledge and experiences gained there have been the seeds of new opportunity and relationships that are already bearing fruit.

My career path will likely lead me to another full-time position. There’s just something in my DNA that is drawn to something bigger than myself with a vision, mission and team that I can support, add value to and be challenged by. Yet, I have a passion for cultivating the potential of the individual and small organizations, along with insight to human and organizational behavior that comes from years of practical experience. So, SPROUT! Continuous Growth & Learning is re-emerging from its dormancy to offer coaching, consulting and freelance services.

If you are going through a season of change, want to fortify fertile ground, or need to spur new growth, let’s talk. In the meantime…

Keep Sprouting!

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