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Founded in 2008, SPROUT! is a learning and organizational development consultancy dedicated to aligning people, process and policy to cultivate new potential...because potential is a renewable resource.


In addition to individual performance coaching, SPROUT! helps organizations address their own issues and maximize potential using a holistic approach that addresses the individual development needs within the system as well as assessment of the processes, policies, and structure of the system itself. Through self-assessment, active learning, action planning and reflection activities, individuals and organizations can enhance communication, improve processes, increase effectiveness, and more.


We believe that individuals learn, grow and thrive only in environments that welcome, honor and nurture the whole self. To that end, in everything we do, we give honor to the individual spirit through the following  principles and human qualities:


Everyone deserves respect. We give deference not only to titles, but we also hold  knowledge, life experiences and unique perspectives in high esteem. In the spirit of continuous improvement, we challenge concepts and processes rather than the character of the people involved.


Everyone has the potential to learn and grow at any stage in life. It is our collective responsibility to nurture that potential in ourselves and others. We challenge each other to find the growth lessons in every  situation.


We will always tell the truth, even when the truth is hard. With compassion, we will say not what people want to hear, rather, what needs to be heard to enable learning and growth.


Barbara A Pitcher

Principal Consultant

Learning & Organizational Development Specialist

With more than 20 years learning and organizational development experience in corporate, small business and nonprofit organizations I have helped people and their organizations learn, grow, and improve; they didn't just reach their potential, they created new potential, enabling them to achieve more than ever before. This has shaped my firm belief that potential is neither a fixed asset nor a final destination, but something you can grow. Potential is a renewable resource. Potential is an open door, blue ocean, the ability to seize and even create new opportunities.

Those with the most potential for success are those who are continually growing; they passionately seek knowledge, ask bold questions, embrace new ideas, endeavor to always improve, and inspire others to do the same. This is as true for organizations as it is for individuals.


An organizational learning culture is the fertile soil in which the seeds of employee engagement, innovation and performance are sown. Tended with organizational alignment, the rewards can be harvested over and over again.

I am passionate about this work and the opportunity it provides me to learn and grow just as much as those I serve.

Keep SPROUTing!

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